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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered a data context runtime change.


    year field must be private but public. You’re setting a value on the battlefield, which of course doesn’t run any code in our setter for that property. year

    change datacontext runtime

    Reserve all of your background fields and rename all of your company’s primary accent fields (e.g. year should be renamed if you’re doing _year ) to avoid such funny incidents.

    And make it a rule to always specify the type of the property, not the field, in the code of the good representation model, except when going to the actual property or the original setter for that field.

    In addition, bindings set view model properties through the user interface. Don’t do this in separate code. Get rid of that text change handler.

    Finally, it seems that for the developmentUntil year you intended to attack the contents of CurrenciesHis, by the way, there is no mechanism for this in your code and without explaining what you want or how you expect it .

    change datacontext runtime

    public class ViewModel    public model()            // NEVER, NEVER, SERIOUSLY, NEVER, NEVER, UPDATE A        // BACKGROUND PROPERTY FIELD OUTSIDE PROPERTY SETTERS.        Year = DateTime.Now.Year - 1;        UpdateCurrencies();        protected void UpdateCurrencies()            // Index containing the actual values ​​retrieved from the API        int i, j;        // cR - current rate in string format, urlContents - full data received from API        string Customer Support, urlContents;        // Whether or not to add 0 to the API syntax determined by the current date syntax        string with;        CurrenciesHis = fresh ObservableCollection();//Collection of model objects        httpclient client = new HttpClient();        like (integer l = 1; l < 13; l++)                    if (l < 10)                c is "0";            different                c means "";            // Use the Year public property, not the _year field            The url var is "http://data.fixer.io/api/" + year + "-" + chemistry + l "-01?access_key=&base=USD&symbols=EUR&format=1"; + urlContents implies client.GetStringAsync(url).Result;            i do = urlContents.IndexOf("EUR");//Finds the desired content from the API data received j - urlContents.IndexOf("");            Customer Service = urlContents.Substring(i + 5, (j - 2) - (i + 5));            CurrenciesHis.Add(new Model() = rate Convert.ToDouble(cR), date implies "01/" L+.ToString() );                OnPropertyChanged(nameof(CurrenciesHis));        // The year is an integer, so make this situation an integer. Linking will work well,    // and this will prevent the computer operator from typing "lol".    private int_year;    public year            Get Return _year;        adjust                    when (_year != value)                            _year = value;                OnPropertyChanged(Name(Year));                UpdateCurrencies();                            public ObservableCollection CurrenciesHis get; private verdict;    // ------------------------------------------------ -----    // YearsList property in ComboBox    // twenty-five years, starting from 30 years ago.    // You can make it IEnumerable or sometimes ReadOnlyCollection if you    // want something other than the ComboBox to use this jar. ComboBox doesn't care.    // Year MUST always be an integer for the SelectedItem binding (see below) to work,    // insignificant st Soka.   General

    Download this software now to improve your online experience.

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