This blog post is meant to help you when exe crashes without error.

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    After I first started my project this morning, here are a few things I need to do and the results:

    Run the build from the main Build Properties dialog (BPDB) – Success

    When run EXE nothing happens?

    Find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT .exe on the right sidebar and change the default key to allow execution. In Registry Editor navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT exefile shell open comman. In the right pane, change the default key value to% 1% and then restart your computer.

    Manually delete the generated files from your own build directory (I leave the list there with the associated DLL and hence the build log file).

    After that, when I have a better folder to open the build directory and work, it seems like it fails whenever the folder is referencing something other than the product directory. It looks like the build goes through the whole process, resulting in the folder being saved.exe and all files in it. They will be removed if the “Create Application …” movement fails.

    “The actual application computer (= first line in main ()) is named ‘never’, so debugging may not be possible.” Probably

    exe fails without error

    You encountered an error initializing the static RAM, which will be applied before calling main () .

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • Do you use all interdependent singletons in your code? If so, combine them into one singleton (remember that there should not be more than one singleton).

    Also note that debugging is still possible in such cases. The first line is indeed the default for the first break idea, for example when you start to push your program forward in the debugger.
    Nothing prevents you from setting breakpoints that play before the voucher code actually reaches main () .

    Why does the Python EXE file only flashes a DOS window and disappears?

    The fact that it works in particular from the default folder, but not after being “pasted to desktop” means that your script has multiple dependencies / imports that cannot be found when run from office. You still need to convert your python script to a successful exe file. dll), which can be converted to generic regardless of whether Python is installed directly on the computer.

    “I am using multiple singletons …”

    Why is EXE file not working?

    Because. Corrupted registry settings or a third-party product (or virus) may change the default configuration when running .exe files. This can cause the operation to fail when you try to run EXE files.

    As mentioned above, if you are indeed selected you should use this singleton, in fact you are usingyou are a singleton.

    Why is the .EXE file created by PyInstaller not working?

    The most famous reason for the failure of the PyInstaller package is no doubt that PyInstaller was unable to build a new required file. Hidden or Empty Imports: Sometimes PyInstaller cannot detect a package or selection import, usually because it is imported dynamically. The package or library may need to be specified manually.

    Otherwise, there may be problems initializing inactive memory in an undefined order.

    In any case, it doesn’t really matter if static storage data is interdependent. Give it a single point of access throughout your code

    How to fix build failed error in Visual Studio?

    Try deleting the bin folder throughout your project, which will recompile almost all of your code. works fine here. don’t worry, VS can recreate the bin folder if the concept doesn’t exist. Deleting the bin file didn’t solve my problem. I still get a message that the build failed, but nothing appears in the error list.

    By combining the ideal with one instance, it is much easier to refactor the code so that it goes through a different interface, if it’s not a singleton.

    I also submitted the game using pygame and tried to package it using pyinstaller: pyi-makepec
    I edited the spec document to include resources and the word spread: pyinstaller

    When I ran main.exe, a real cmd window appeared with the familiar “Hello from the pygame community”, which then closed. If you run it in some kind of console, you will see the result, but not the error messages in your life. When I run it works fine.

    What am I doing wrong? At least it looks like there is a bug or message, but nothing seems to be right.the same to this, except for the welcome message.

    The text was updated successfully, but the following errors occurred:

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