Hope this article helps you if you see progress error 5890.

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  • Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process
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    Bug 5890 interacts with ActiveX/COM component bugs in 4GL/ABL.

  • The ABL COM-HANDLE target is used as a wrapper for interacting with controls written in various user languages, COM, and whenAvoid confusion when instantiating, assigning an asset, or executing a method that refers to these controls.
  • They will be marked ABL and the user should be shown a 5890 message showing as much error information as our controller can provide.
  • 1. Find out where error 5890 occurred in the ABL package.

    Enable (-debugalert debug-alert or SESSION:DEBUG-ALERT = yes). If an error occurs, click the main help button to view the ABL stack trace.

    Identifies where an error occurs in the program. Look at the actual specified line that appears on the error stack, recompile your program with the DEBUG-LIST option. Using preprocessors and running include data files can greatly reduce this.

  • Which ActiveX control/COM object is causing the returned error.
  • Which method, property, or other action is causing the error?
  • If the new error doesn’t tell you enough about all the problems, use this information to search the Internet or the ActiveX provider’s website for the error text, includingrecommended memory addresses to determine possible causes of the error.3. If step 2 does not solve the problem, consider the following:

  • Recent changes to the application, OpenEdge version, or application environment architecture.
  • How to manage it? What is it for and does it interact with files or other external resources?
  • If the control uses ODBC or another specified data source, the connection can be made from the specified data source or ODBC administrator via DSN.
  • If the client is accessing an external resource, primarily a file or anything related to network access, make sure the access is considered available to that resource.
  • 4. Contact the control vendor, or possibly PSC Technical Support, to verify more details and provide insights from the previous steps regarding the control, method, house, possible changes, and nearly all dependencies.

    You can save time by following the steps above before calling oftencontact your controller supplier or PSC technical support.

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