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    If you get a VMware Converter Crypto error on your computer, see the following troubleshooting steps.

    loading×Sorry for the set interruptUpdate

    VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.1 875114 only, starting with client-server installation.

    I have installed the Converter hosting server and remote access components on these vCenter servers (I have changed a specific port from 443 to 80 – no doubt a little different from the ones used – I chose 5443 plus 580) and have access to the Converter Client on my PC .

    After starting the client on my PC, I entered the hostname as vcenterserver:5443

    Then I started a conversion process. After entering the details of the remote computer, I generated the “View Source Details…” link and just got the yellow error bar displayed at the top of the conversion window:

    General system error occurred: encryption exception: error: 02001005: system library: fopen: I/O error: unable to access package C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware vCenter Converter Standalone sslrui.crt

    I was unable to change the process further.

    I exported the scan logs… from the bottom left Conversion Eyeport link and found the same error related to ConverterDiagnostics20130206131422.zipworker-source-diagnostics-bvy.zip vmware-converter-worker-1.log :

    2013-02-06T13:04:50.165Z [10068 make error 'Default'] Crypto Exception: error: 02001005: system library: fopen: I/O error: unable to load VCenter c:programdatavmware  offline converter vmwaresslrui.crt2013-02-06T13:04:50.[10068 165z error 'Default'] Pending SSL error detected: [0] error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1)

    A post on the VMware forums suggests running the client “as administrator” (i.e. right-click and therefore “run as administrator”), although that didn’t work, same error. The other one recommends using the address of the remote computer, again an internet protocol address, no change for me. Another one suggests fixing the permissions on the SSL folder referenced in ProgramData. While checking this, I noticed that I don’t have any SSL files.

    So I created an awesome new SSL folder and made sure our local administrators and 2 local user groups have full control over the NTFS permissions associated with it. It was not possible to start the client in normal mode or “as administrator”. No files have been inserted into this file. I ran the installer and chose the repair option. The paper didn’t show up. i

    Finally, I searched for the server-related folder where I placed my server component and found two files there: rui.crt and rui.key. I copied them to the ssl folder on my computer and the nightmare was resolved.

    vmware converter crypto error

    The installer appears to have some flaws, perhaps you are installing the client and device components on different machines.

    A software error has occurred: encryption exception: error: 02001005: system library: fopen: I/O error: vCenter time cannot be loaded c:programdatavmwarevmware Converter Standalonesslrui.crt.

    Smart Recommendation

    if recommended

    Plus It Helps Everyone, I Also Found A Workaround For My Specific Issue. On The Learning Resource Computer, Open The Task Manager Window And Manually Start The Conversion Agent. You Will See Additional Instances Of Msiexec.exe Appearing At Different Build Steps Towards The End Of The Installation. If Error 29190 Appears, You Must Have A Specific Instance That Matchesp Msiexec, Just Close The Msiexec That Appeared In The Task Manager, And Also Click "OK" On The Taskbar. An Error Because The Installation Continues And Does Not Return. At The Time, I Had A P2v Qualification For This Machine.

    Error 29190: Unable To Generate Secure Layer (SSL) Electrical Socket Key

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