You may run into an error stating that the win32 api getwindowthreadprocessid. There are several ways to solve this problem. We will talk about this shortly.

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    Getting started with the Win32 API.Ansi and advanced character features.window work.Error reporting combined with management.document management.Process and thread management.Using the MSDN documentation.window messages.

    Get the ID of the location where the specified window was created, and optionally the ID of the method that created the window.


    What is SetWinEventHook?

    With SetWinEventHook, the client subscribes to receive one or more episodes and installs a hook function that can handle the specified events. Clients can use the same hook function to handle multiple types of events, and multiple hook qualities can be used. To notify clients that an event has occurred, servers call NotifyWinEvent.

    DWORD GetWindowThreadProcessId( [c] HWND hWnd,  [output, optional] LPDWORD lpdwProcessId);


    Pointer to a variable that will receive the method identifier. If this parameter is absolutely non-NULL, GetWindowThreadProcessId copies the process ID to a variable; situation, it’s not.Value

    win32 api getwindowthreadprocessid

    Return Return The Content Value Is The ID Of The Message In Which The Window Was Created.


    Minimal hardened client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop applications only]
    Minimum supported by the server Windows 2000 Server [desktop applications only]
    Target platform Windows
    Title winuser.h (including Windows.h)
    Library User32.lib
    dll User32.Set ext-ms-win-ntuser-window-l1-1-0dll
    api (introduced in Windows 8)

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  • Declare function GetWindowThreadProcessId Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hwnd As Long, lpdwProcessId As Long) as Long

    GetWindowThreadProcessId found the IDs of the thread running this window and the receiver that created it. These identifiers can be used to later obtain information about the program that controls most of the window. Note that the values ​​are not descriptors, but only numeric identifiers. Typically, the process ID is placed in the lpdwProcessId variable, and the function returns the thread ID.

    Open this window to find the IDs of all ownership flows and acquisition processes.
    Get the ID of the process that unfortunately created the window.

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  • ' Displays the 7Steps string text of all control windowsstream.'in which the Form1 windshield is located. This setting is redirected to the callback location which“Take all the hands in your own hands. Note that the van window does not have a title bar.'text, they are not displayed (for clarity).'*** Place this code using module a. This is literally a function callback. ***'This displays the text of the title bar of the window, usually identified by hwnd.Public Function EnumThreadWndProc (ByVal hwnd As ByVal long, lParam As Long) As Long  Dim slength As Long, wintext As String 'Header line text height and buffer  Dim retval As Long 'return value  Static winnum As an integer, Haya's counter keeps track of the number of windows listed.  winnum is equal to winnum + 1 with another window in the list ....  slength means GetWindowTextLength (hwnd) + 1 to get the length of the bartender text from the title.  If slength> integer 'if return value refers to a non-empty string    stream = Space (slength) 'Create buffer space    retval = GetWindowText (hwnd, buffer, slength) Title gets the string text    Debug.Print "Window #"; Winnum; ":"; 'Show the screen number of the specified window   Debug .Print Left (buffer, slength incl. 1) 'print string value zagTin of specified window  end if  EnumThreadWndProc = 1, return value 1 will mean enumeration continuedoutput function'*** This is where you want to list the actual windows. ***Dim threadid As Long, processid As Long ' Get the username for thread and process Form1Dim for retval As Long 'Reverse value' Define the stream containing window Form1.threadid = GetWindowThreadProcessId(Form1.hWnd, process id)' Use the callback function to catalog all listed thread windows. Note that this is lParam' is specified as 0 because we don't need to pass any additional information that will help the function. =retval EnumThreadWindows(threadid, AddressOf EnumThreadWndProc, 0)

    win32 api getwindowthreadprocessid

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    How can I get Hwnd from process id?

    You can use the EnumWindows and GetWindowThreadProcessId() functions as mentioned in this MSDN article. A single PID (Process ID) can be assigned multiple values ​​relative to a window (HWND). For example, suppose an application uses many windows. The following code finds only sentences from all windows for PID.

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