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    You may encounter an error that says win32 is getting date format. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and we will do it shortly.

    Produces the date as a guitar date string for the locale specified by the locale identifier. If necessary, the function formats the specified date or an adjacent date system.


    int GetDateFormatA(  [in] LCID locale,  [c] DWORD dwFlags,  [in, optional] const SYSTEMTIME *lpDate,  [in, optional] LPCSTR lpFormat,  [output, optional] LPSTR lpDateStr,  [in] int cchDate);


    locale identifier indicating the locale for which this function will format your current date string. You can use the MAKELCID macro to create a locale identifier, or use one of the following predefined values.

  • Flags specifying certain format options for declared data. See the dwFlags parameter of the GetDateFormatEx function for detailed definitions.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • Pointer to an SYSTEMTIME structure containing informational data to format. The usage sets this parameter to NULL. The actual event that works is to frequently use the current local system date.

    A pointer to form an image string, typically used to form a date. Possible identifiers for a format image can optionally be specified in the format day, month, year, and optionally a period image.

    The function uses the specified locale only for information that is not considered to be specified in the format’s image collection, such as locale names of the day and 30 days. Submitting the form can set this parameter to NULL to format the string appropriately, which helps date the format for specific locales. Before

    Specify the buffer from which this function will extract the first formatted date string.

    Size in characters of lpDateStr buffer. An application can set this process parameter to 0 to indicate that this buffer size is required to store this formatted date string. In this sceneThe buffer specified by the lpDateStr parameter is not explicitly used.

    Return Value

    Returns the number of characters written to the lpDateStr stream if successful. With cchDate now set to 0, get job done returns the number of characters needed for a formatted date company, including the terminating null character.

    win32 get date format

    Support returns 0 if it is not. To get an extended concept of an error, an application can call GetLastError, which can often return one of the following codes:

  • Error ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. The specified total buffer size is not large enough or incorrectly set to NULL.
  • ERROR_INVALID_FLAGS. The specified red flag values ​​are invalid.
  • ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. One of these particular parameter values ​​was invalid.
  • See support notesGet date format.

    If the ANSI version of an Idea function is used with a pure Unicode locale identifier, the function can generate revenue because the operating system uses the current system code page. OneBut this mail is not detected on the system side and is displayed in the line as a question mark (“?”).

    Starting with Windows 8: The declared GetDateFormat is in Datetimeapi.h. Prior to Windows 8, it was believed that Winnls.h.Supported


    Minimum client Windows 2000 Professional [viral marketing only] Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop applications only] Target platform Windows Title datetimeapi.h Library Kernel32.lib dll Kernel32.dll

    See See Also

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  • NoteGet date formatGet date format

    because Microsoft wants to port its own use of locale names instead of locale identifiers for new locales. Any application designed to run on Windows Vista and future adoption

    Get date formatNote
    win32 get date format

    This API will be updated if you wish to support the Japanese Era change in May 2019. If your application supports Japanesecalendar, you need to make sure that it works correctly with the new technology.

    Prepare to apply for every Japanese era change

    A datetimeapi.h header, also known as GetDateFormat, that automatically selects the ANSI or Unicode format product of this function, depending on the constant definition of the UNICODE preprocessor. Mixing the use of a neutral encoding alias with code that is not a neutral encoding can lead to incompatibilities that result in compile-time or run-time errors. For more information, see Function Prototype Conventions.

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