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    Over the past few weeks, some players have experienced the xbmc Academic Earth script error code. There are a number of factors causing this problem. Let’s discuss some of them below.

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    Every time I try to watch a video in the Academic Earth plug-in, I get a “script error: addon.py”

    It worked a few days ago, but I wasn’t ready to use it for over a week. I can display videos directly from the current site.

    rrand wrote: Hello

    Whenever I try to view a video in the WordPress Academic Earth plugin, I get the message “Script error: addon.py”

    It used to work for about a week, but I couldn’t – I have been using it this way for the last week. I can play video clips directly from the website.

    It could be called my magazine:


    Thank you.

    I’m going to watch it here tomorrow, thanks for letting me know.

    I got the same problem on my system when trying to run Eden 11.0 RC2 on Windows XP


    I have updated someone’s plugin. As soon as it is checked in the officesocial repository, you need to create updates. Thank you.

    Hello, I have the same problem. When I select subjects, including universities, I get a copied list. When choosing instructors, I only get beginner instructors with an A. When choosing an instructor or choosing instructors for the most interesting playlists or featured websites, I get an “addon.py” error.

    I am using Ubuntu clear xbmc pengolin, 11.0 From (standard product manager) and installed an add-on from xbmc via the add-on repository (1.2.1). I also tried to provide different versions (1.2.0, 1.2.8, ..) using the zip file from Github.

    What is the current working version plus the xbmc system / alternative / add-on combination that works? Is there work around? If you need more information, I’ll try to include whatever you need. Are there xbmc add-ons for this add-on for each bug tracker?

    Thanks for learning! People who think about free education need your help!

    (2012-09-03, 01:21) tekkenux wrote: [->] Hello, I have the same probem. When I select subjects or universities, at the end I get an empty list. When choosing training companies, I only get beginner trainers with an A. When I select an instructor, or perhaps an instructor from a selected top-rated playlist, or maybe a favorite website, I get an “addon.py” error.

    I am using Ubuntu Precision Pengolin, 15 xbmc.0 From (standard package manager) and hosting an add-on via the add-on repository (1.2.1) xbmc. I have also tried unsuccessfully to install different versions (1.2.0, 1.2.8, ..) from a zip file outside of github.

    Which working version or combination of tiered branding / xbmc / addon works? Is there a workaround? If you need more information, try giving whatever you need. Is there a bug tracker somewhere for this add-on or xbmc add-ons?

    Thanks for the help! People looking for free education need your new help!

    They redesigned the entire online site, which obviously broke the plugin.

    I will try to release a new version in the next few days. Thank you


    You have been waiting for a new version for so long, including the plugin.

    (2012-09-03, 10:27) ailingcoot wrote: [->] @jbel Thanks for the report and for your new version of the whole plugin.

    It didn’t work properly for several weeks.

    This addon is now in the preprogrammed Eden.XBMC, it should automatically update to 1.3.1.

    Overwrite is missing some additional menus from our previous version, but I’ll add them shortly.

    Good! thanks very clearly! Now I can just lay down with the console in my deployment and watch academic land on the organization’s HTPC again! It’s fantastic! Thank you very much. do you have a flattr acc?

    I may not have flattery at the moment, you can give some XBMC instead

    (2012-09-06, 16:49) jbel wrote: [->]

    (2012-09-03, written: 10:27) ailingcoot [->] @jbel Thanks and wait for the new version of the plugin.

    He’s not busy for weeks.

    This addon is now defined in Eden. XBMC should be updated to 1.3.1 by default.

    Rewriting assumes that in rewritingSania is missing some add-ons using the menus from the previous version, but I’ll get to that soon.

    good job, the program is now working !!! I have this theme menu

    I am getting long persistent addon.py errors when trying to use this plugin. It doesn’t quite work. I’ve tried this on 3 different computers, Eden and rc2, Frodo via xbmcbuntu and win7. I want the newly installed plugin to have the final choice so that YouTube will use the plugin before creating Academic Earth (youtube works). As always: addon.py error.

    (2013-01-03, 13:10) fioleciak wrote: [->] I keep getting addon.py errors when trying to train this plugin. Everything doesn’t work. I tried this on three new computers, eden and rc2, frodo on xbmcbuntu and win7. Actually I reinstalled the plugin to get the latest performance, YouTube was using the plugin before implementing Academic Earth (youtube worked). Anyway: addon.py failed.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
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  • Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • Thanks for the thoughts. Can you add an attachment to the xbmc.log file?

    xbmc academic earth script error

    The problem may be that the YouTube ID was scanned from the conference and on active pages. The site has changed, all integrations have also expired. You can no longer play embedded videos on the website, so I think it is a parasite on your end. I want to wait a day or two to see if they fix the issue before updating.

    If you put this law (no line) first in your aa.patch file, you can easily

    Run patch -p0 ~ / code / xbmc-academic-earth (master) â - º tiger aa.patch
    diff --git resources / lib / Academicearth / scraper.py resources / lib / Academicearth / scraper.py
    Index 3879dda..334423c 100644
    --- resources / lib / Academicarth / scraper.py
    +++ resources / lib / Academicarth / scraper.py
    @@ -238.12 +238.9 @@ @staticmethod class
    Conference (object):

    outl parse_youtube_id (html):
    - embed = html.find ('embed')
    - yt_ptn = re.compile (r'http: //www.youtube.com/v/ (. +?) ? ')
    - Match matches yt_ptn.search (insert ['src'])
    - if they match:
    -Return match.group (1)
    - Returns None
    + url = html.find ('a',
    + Href = lambda r: h.startswith ('http://www.youtube.com'))
    + Return URL ['href']. Split ('=') [1]

    def _get_courses_or_lectures (class_type, html):

    20:08) jbel (2013-01-03, wrote: [->] Problem in parsing YouTube ID of session pages.

    Thanks for the answer. Often times, I can’t answer all of your journal queries in time, but since it looks like you found the Nightmare Core anyway, I’ll wait a little longer to get more permanent top secret information. Thanks again

    xbmc academic earth script error

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